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The History of the Ford F-150

Seeing a new Ford F-150 on the streets of Knoxville is a very common occurrence – you may even have one sitting in your driveway!

But have you ever wondered where the Ford F-150 came from? How did the Ford F-150 come to be such an iconic American pickup truck? Continue reading to chart the journey from Model T to Ford F-150 Raptor!

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Icons Aren't Made Overnight – The Ford F-150: Perfecting the Pickup for More Than Four Decades

From construction sites to home projects to weekend adventures, when there's work to do, Knoxville drivers know they can count on the performance and dependability of the Ford F-150. An industry cornerstone, F-150 has been the country's best-selling truck ever since 1977, just two years after Ford spun it off from the F-100 and F-250. And thanks to Ford's dedication to perpetual innovation, it continues to reign as America's Favorite truck, even forty-five years later.

Before the F-150 was its own model, Ford launched the F-Series line in 1948 with the F-1 through F-8. Five years…

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